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Why is Mapsol work exceptional?

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The science of a map is to match and depict the¬†biophysical interpretation of geographical reality around us mathematically. Biophysical interpretation meaning, what we see and perceive around us is stored as a subjective biophysical impression in our head individually. My picture of reality around me would be different from my daughter’s picture of reality around me, though we are sitting in the same place and watching the same thing. However, when we start communicating the biophysical picture of our surroundings to others, especially for professional purposes, we use a common spatial language rooted in mathematics to convey our observations, findings, analysis or results about a particular phenomenon we are studying. And that process of accurately communicating our story about the earth-based objects and phenomena around is what geospatial is all about.
At Mapsol we nourish and nurture this principle that “earth” and “earth’s representations” are at the center of all that we are trying to communicate through our maps or analyses or decision support systems (that we are creating). We engage in the engineering life cycle of geospatial data to information for all projects small or big: simple maps to elaborate decision support systems. Our principle is getting straight down to the core of what geospatial is, for every problem that we undertake. That is what makes Mapsol exceptional!

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