We strive to enhance
Geospatial awareness

The digital age is seeing a renewal of the world “map”
from a canvas sheet into an elaborate information system.

Mapsol is committed to supporting you in developing a rational process for geospatially enhancing and managing your projects.

A geospatial revolution is happening with the new learning that all data digital is but an aspect of earth-based objects and processes. People and organizations interested in location-based or geospatial answers, information, decisions, and tools are increasing by the day, by the hour. We are among the flag bearers of this shift. We strive to enhance geospatial awareness with every solution we implement.

We are a holistic geospatial firm with a fresh and revolutionizing view of geospatial beyond just "map", "data", or "software". Possibilities are endless in the geospatial world. One might have heard a variety of terms like GIS, 3D-GIS, WebGIS, Lidar, Cartography, Satellite, GPS, DEM, Drones, Photogrammetry, Raster, Map Algebra, and more. Regardless of your industry, the size of your organization, your specific mapping needs, we help make geospatially-enabled solutions. We serve private firms, government and non-governmental agencies concerned with work related to earth-based objects and processes like, transportation departments, natural resource agencies, business enterprises, health departments, or any other establishment requiring geospatial services. Anything digital and earth-based, please think of us!

We make maps, we put your data in a spatial context and give visual form to your data. We build spatial databases for implementing GIS in your business. We collect, pre-process, and get spatial data from a variety of sources ready for your work. We envision, plan, design, and implement enterprise level GIS systems for a complete overhaul of your business. We develop and implement vanguard geospatial solutions and programs. We present geospatial as an umbrella system of data, software, algorithms, approaches and application areas. We solve all earth-based problems alike keeping space/time at the center and attributes on the periphery. We offer geospatial consulting(C), research(R), applications(A), training(T) and education(E) (GeoCRATE(TM)) services for a spectrum of industry verticals.

Our vision is to develop and implement next generation geospatial models, algorithms, solution methods, and implementation patterns to carve out geospatial in every application area thereby improving geospatial awareness of one and all. We see that all problem-solving in the world of modern technology will become more efficient with sound digital models of earth-based objects and phenomena aptly applied. We see better and efficient solutions and solving the hitherto unsolved. We travel on the frontier of a paradigm shift of blending art and geometry together in geospatial.

We are a class apart from other geospatial service providers. Our scientific methods and engineered systems yield rigorous reliable solutions. We have specialized skills to blend a variety of geospatial resources (data and tools) based on an integrated architecture to provide reliable decision support, technical expertise, and knowledge transfer to customers with general or specific geospatial needs. The variety and veracity of our solutions augments our customers' business potential as well as aids in sustainable development. Our passion for providing elegant and catered solutions awards us prized and ever-lasting client relationships. Customer satisfaction drives what we do. We operate under self-organizing, stress-free, sustainable work environments for utmost employee satisfaction which is at the root of customer satisfaction.

We started in 2013. As with any new venture, perhaps, much of the seed-work related to Mapsol happened before Mapsol was born. History of Mapsol goes back to Dr. Kiran Manchikanti’s (Founder/Director) graduate school days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the first millennial decade. Kiran's deep engagement in space/time models gave purpose to his life and a niche to his work. Colleagues everywhere began to admire his quality of work and his exceptional ways of geospatial problem-solving. Kiran understood that putting space/time at the center of everything gave his work that kind of quality and recognition. However, he was unhappy that the geospatial professionals, in general, did not receive the respect they deserved. Many GIS professionals get dismissed for drafters and many digitizers/drafters don’t often realize the importance of their contribution to the geospatial world at large. The data producers, software developers, solution-makers, and end-users have huge gaps, and these gaps contribute to the lows and confusion in the geospatial industry today. Kiran strongly desired to extend his ways of work of (fundamentally keeping space/time at the center of everything for coherent and reliable solutions) more known to the world. He made a resolve to enhance geospatial awareness everywhere and get the deserved respect for the profession. Thus, Mapsol Geospatial Solutions was born to give rise to a new conscious way of evolving the geospatial profession and to create and disseminate the next generation geospatial solutions and technologies from all that Kiran has garnered over the years and from that which Mapsol is going to discover and deliver over years to come. Mapsol had a humble beginning in 2013 in India and expanded to setting up a corporation in the United States (Beaumont, California) in 2015 as friends and colleagues joined hands.

We are situated in Beaumont, California but serve our clients world over.

What exactly is Geospatial?

Map, in the simplest sense, is a collage of mathematical representations of earth features arranged as per their ground locations. Map, for the most part, has been a sheet of paper, canvas, or cloth. In the digital age, however, map took to electronic display.

The electronic display caused a renewal of the word “map” – from a two-dimensional sheet into an elaborate multidimensional information system, which is frequently referred to as GIS. What these multidimensional information systems deal with are technically space/time aspects of reality in the context of the earth, also referred to as GEOSPATIAL. However, geospatial is just not another term for the more popular GIS.

Geospatial is a new interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science - a combination of geodesy, surveying, philosophy, theoretical physics, biophysics, human ecology, history, geography, cartography, mathematics, computer science, engineering, and information technology, in addition to a variety of application areas, their domain models and spatial analysis concepts, tools, algorithms (commonly available as pieces of commercial software), and more. Mapsol adopts this term in its holistic sense univocal for the novice or the expert.