Mapsol is committed to supporting you in developing a rational process for geospatially enhancing and managing your projects.


A geospatial revolution is happening with the new learning that all data digital is but an aspect of earth-based objects and processes. People and organizations interested in location-based or geospatial answers, information, decisions, and tools are increasing by the day, by the hour. We are among the flag bearers of this shift. We strive to enhance geospatial awareness with every solution we implement.


We are a holistic geospatial firm with a fresh and revolutionizing view of geospatial beyond just "map", "data", or "software". Possibilities are endless in the geospatial world. One might have heard a variety of terms like GIS, 3D-GIS, WebGIS, Lidar, Cartography, Satellite, GPS, DEM, Drones, Photogrammetry, Raster, Map Algebra, and more.


We make maps, we put your data in a spatial context and give visual form to your data. We build spatial databases for implementing GIS in your business. We collect, pre-process, and get spatial data from a variety of sources ready for your work. We envision, plan, design, and implement enterprise level GIS systems for a complete overhaul of your business.


Our vision is to develop and implement next generation geospatial models, algorithms, solution methods, and implementation patterns to carve out geospatial in every application area thereby improving geospatial awareness of one and all. We see that all problem-solving in the world of modern technology will become more efficient with sound digital models of earth-based objects and phenomena aptly applied.


We are a class apart from other geospatial service providers. Our scientific methods and engineered systems yield rigorous reliable solutions. We have specialized skills to blend a variety of geospatial resources (data and tools) based on an integrated architecture to provide reliable decision support, technical expertise, and knowledge transfer to customers with general or specific geospatial needs.


We started in 2013. As with any new venture, perhaps, much of the seed-work related to Mapsol happened before Mapsol was born. History of Mapsol goes back to Dr. Kiran Manchikanti’s (Founder/Director) graduate school days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the first millennial decade. Kiran's deep engagement in space/time models gave purpose to his life and a niche to his work. Colleagues everywhere began to admire his quality of work and his exceptional ways of geospatial problem-solving. Kiran understood that putting space/time at the center of everything gave his work that kind of quality and recognition. However, he was unhappy that the geospatial professionals, in general, did not receive the respect they deserved


We are situated in Beaumont, California but serve our clients world over.