Geospatial consulting is an emerging line of business & we are the experts


Geospatial implementation suffers lows due to the multiple dimensions of the real-world problems and their manifold aspects that are intertwined. Additionally, GIS implementation is a function of several technological and organizational parameters. The very definition of GIS says that it is a system of data, hardware, software, people, organization, and policy. Intricate nuances of geospatial implementation often seem confusing to most and daunting to many. The traditional view of geospatial is not successfully answering the quandary the users are in, when it comes to implementing GIS in their business. This confusion sometimes leads people outside the geospatial industry to a notion that geospatial is a moot point.

We, at Mapsol, know that the world is prepared to embrace geospatial but is looking for champions to help answer the many questions. Businesses need reliable ways of implementing geospatial solutions and technologies to enhance their operations. We believe and present geospatial as a real thing, as real as the space/time fabric we live in. We know how to resolve the confusion and enable simple and smooth geospatial solutions.

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