Economic characteristics are observable geospatial phenomena

Mapsol can help with multiple solutions using the power of geospatial science to promote economic development.

How far do people travel for a particular service? How many businesses of a given type are serving a region? Whether to market properties efficiently, analyze available sites, profile potential customers, access demographics and business reports on the Internet 24/7, visualize customer and business clusters, or reveal untapped markets - Mapsol can help with multiple solutions using the power of geospatial science to promote economic development by facilitating access to data about infrastructure, business and demographic, economic, and workforce resources.

Unlock the full power of geospatial econometrics with Mapsol

Business executives seeking to expand markets, local governments grappling with the loss of a major employer, or a downtown business district looking for a competitive edge all rely on sound data and analysis about the region in question and its geography. The business of broadening tax bases or diversifying economies has become a competitive one. The ability to provide data to clients looking to relocate or expand features prominently in today’s technology-driven environment. And as more and more localities try to elbow their way onto a short list, accurate and timely demographic, market potential, segmentation, consumer spending, and workforce data is coveted.

Mapsol has extensive experience working with economists and data scientists to geospatially solve their problems

Whether your aim is to stimulate economic activity, preserve jobs, expand a business, boost regional wages, increase a local tax base, or simply experiment and grow, the actions you take to achieve those goals will be based on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your study area. Observations of geospatial characteristics stored as geospatial data can replace, validate, or corroborate the estimated or perceived strengths and weaknesses. We specialize in converting geospatial characteristics into socio-economic indicators across geographies and various scales of geography: highly granular to regional.

Mapsol specializes in capturing and quantifying the structure and distribution patterns of natural and cultural features with respect to their function and render them ready for reliably drawing socio-economically relevant conclusions - geospatial econometrics.