Engineers need accuracies initial GIS systems couldn't provide.

At Mapsol, we are engineers and we thoroughly understand accuracy, reliability,
uncertainty, and their ramifications. We know how to provide what you need as engineers!

Large-scale engineering projects are complex and risky. An integrated service supporting the full infrastructure life-cycle helps engineering firms manage projects, avoid risk, and stay competitive. Mapsol provides required geospatial support in planning, data collection, analysis, design, construction, as-builts, and operations. Whether you want to georeference, visualize, analyze your data, or integrate multi-disciplinary information or enhance communication information, Mapsol does it all.

We have built our reputation on providing accurate and cost-effective engineering services to clients in varied markets with projects of all sizes and complexities. We adopt a tried-and-true development process to meet all your needs with a focus on cost effectiveness and creativity. Mapsol has the team and expertise to provide unique solutions to leverage multiple datasets and different applications to improve efficiency and improve your projects design, reduce construction cost, and deliver faster with advanced spatial analysis.

Better manage your projects, and workforce. Make faster, more informed decisions with fewer cost over-runs and a faster way to process. We integrate well-informed design with cutting-edge technology.

Mapsol's founders are primarily engineers, who leveraged the engineering fundamentals to information engineering and geospatial support services. We operate on a tri-fold model for ascertaining engineering standards to the information handled during the course of engineering project execution. Our data, analysis, findings are tied into the engineering analysis based on strong data (and geometric) models storing (and depicting) the data, functional model signifying the engineering problem at hand, and a stochastic model accounting for the sum total of errors and uncertainties in the data and the models.

Engineering is Mapsol's cornerstone service