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Demystifying GIS with Five Key Elements and Five Simple Steps


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Locate Sites & Add Layers


Understand & Manage Geo Data


Perform Spatial Analysis


Geo-Journal & Collaborate


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Mapsol is developing a state-of-the-art geospatial platform fuse.Earth ™ based on a simple principle that

Geometry precedes Mathematics

they are only built to tackle non-dimensional numbers. But geospatial problems are all about space/time.

geospatial solutions developed using these tools are often mottled and limited. The geospatial professional is often tasked with this challenge of leveraging multiple tools for a single solution.

geometry captures the real objects and phenomenon, mathematical methods are a way to understand it. This simple principle applied at the core can integrate everything and create efficient geospatial systems.

slated to be released in a strategically designed simple to complex phases, fuse.Earth™ beta is ready. check us out!

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