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The Geospatial scene is mottled with patchy or limited tools. The geospatial professional is often tasked with this challenge of leveraging multiple tools for a single solution. We are working towards a comprehensive yet simple GIS solution to empower the end user and bring GIS to the people at large.

GIS people are excellent at creating products for GIS people. To de-silo GIS or geospatial (or whatever it is that we are), we should be thinking about how to communicate with those outside our Venn blob. In doing this, we might break the unwritten rules of our guild. But we might also open markets that are both desperate for better data products and are willing to pay for them.

The Problem

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are effective decision support tools that can transform data into maps and enable (visual) interactions for non-intuitive, multi-faceted insights. GIS tools are permeating virtually every industry. The end-user, the decision-maker, however, is often stuck and dependent on experts that spend months or years learning to use cumbersome and costly GIS tools to disentangle data complexities. An engineer, urban-planner, farmer, insurance underwriter, business analyst, or homebuyer need an easier way draw timely and accurate insights in solving their daily problems and not be concerned about buying costly GIS tools, learning complex GIS tools, hiring GIS experts, or spending weeks to collate and integrate GIS data.

Legacy Systems






The Solution

                            is a simple, affordable, pay-as-you-go, one-stop, cloud-based mapping technology built on sound geospatial architecture that empowers the end-user to readily integrate and transform data into meaningful information without needing expert help for individual users and businesses.

Completely Redesigned

Automated, integrated, simplified workflows


Generate quicker insights for customers

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Empowered with field-to-desk GIS


Improved efficiency and effectiveness

Reduced Costs

Increased revenue

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Become more competitive

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