Environmental Site Reconnaissance

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An environmental scientist collects site reconnaissance information and adds his observations as photos and notes to the site for review by his supervisor. He also likes to verify soil sample data and rule out any need for remediation within the current focus area (500’) of their project by visually performing a quick radius buffer analysis.
The environmental scientists locates his site by typing in the (latitude, longitude) coordinates of his site in the Geobar™ and then adds the shapefile (.shp, .dbf, .prj) containing the locations of borings he drilled earlier along with their sample data. He then activates the “add content” tool on Geotray™ and adds the site boundary and the locations of the various photographs he took of the site using the sketch tool(s) on the Geopad™. He also makes annotations of various other site features he observed in his notes about the site on the Geopad™. He stores his work with a relevant project name (session name on the Geopad™) for a review by his supervisor. He then activates the “analysis” tool on the Geotray to create a 500’ buffer around his current focus area within the site to see how many samples indicating a need for remediation fall within this 500’ buffer zone. He verifies this scenario to rule out the need for any serious mitigation or remediation process to undertake for the site.

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