Deep Tech

We investigated and discovered the core reason for geospatial complexity so we can simplify exactly that …

And we did

Geospatial complexities exist for a reason. We investigated and discovered the reason. We went back to the drawing board and redefined the foundational data structures making up geospatial objects and phenomena. Our data structures have inherent geometry patterns associated with them.


Millions of indirect users of GIS are perplexed and frustrated …

For GIS users
by GIS users

8 out of 10 users of GIS are indirect users. They are often frustrated with convoluted workflows and costly indirect usage through specialists. We are direct users of GIS, we helped indirect users, and we studied end-user pain points intensely for a couple decades. And, we resolved them square! Fuse.Earth™ is a GIS developed by the users for the users.


Multiple files, multiple formats, multiple versions, and multiple tools; geo data can quickly become complex and chaotic…

and Cocreate!

Easy access to GIS data in the field or at the desk lets you focus on the real problem! Collect field data, integrate site plans, or overlay regional data layers, all without worrying about storage, versioning, or visualization challenges. Fuse.Earth™ will empower you to collaborate and cocreate geospatial solutions with ease and flair.


Bats can hear shapes. Bees can dance maps. Humans navigate the earth with flair…

Fuse ideas and
data with earth

Earth is a complex system, but living on it and interacting with it is implicit human nature. However, arcane GIS tools and practices for handling earth data are a digital mystery to many. And we are changing that! Our redesigned geospatial workflows help our users fuse their ideas and data as easily as we walk on the earth.


Sustainable development begins and ends in enhanced geospatial awareness…

smarter, faster,
and richer.

The better we understand what someone needs the stronger our relationship with them gets. By leveraging principles of human-earth-computer interaction, Fuse.Earth™ minimizes time to decisions from data. By improving geospatially efficiency we enhance geospatial awareness of all stakeholders. We enable faster, smarter, collaborative solutions that are good for us and the planet.