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Digital mapping systems are implemented in solving many daily problems at some level, whether obvious or not. Maps help solve simple problems like finding the route to new cinemas in your area, or complex problems like assessing the risk of groundwater pollution on your site from a nearby mine. However, the benefit of readily accessible maps and mapping systems that enable rapid yet robust solutions for the end user is still a rarity.

Engineers may wait for a few days before a specialist can help overlay a historic engineering data drawing on their current renovation site. Geologists could be waiting a few weeks before their soil samples are plotted on a map for visually analyzing the spatial distribution of soil properties. Home buyers must wait weeks to get a basic understanding of how far their new building site is from a geologic fault zone. Economists are often challenged with expounding her findings in a geographical context to fellow analysts and clients. Similarly, farmers may collect an abundance soil nutrient data from the field but are unable to plot them and perform relevant analytics quickly and efficiently for actionable decisions. In the medical field, ambulance services dispatchers need plotted and spatially grouped historic data to make optimal decisions but live with suboptimal decisions due to the lack of real-time analytics tools.

While making advanced solutions and recommendations requires professional, readily accessing the information needed does not have to be a tedious process for the professional or the curious. In the current age of space exploration and artificial intelligence, making use of geospatial (earth-based) maps is still a cumbersome process replete with complex datasets and convoluted steps, often needing experts to resolve the simplest of issues. Maps help solve problems: daily real-world meaningful problems, as well as old, new, and sometimes non-obvious problems. The end user of maps deserves tools that solve problems readily, efficiently, and intuitively.

The patchy evolution of legacy GIS tools has made them cumbersome to the point that they are obstructing quick and ready solutions instead of aiding them. Learning to use GIS tools itself is a few semesters worth of time. We have been GIS users ourselves and we also listened to the issues faced by other GIS users from a variety of industry verticals. Most users avoid employing GIS, preferring their analog ways of map-use. Other times, users depend on a GIS specialist, which is costly in terms of both time and money. Some advanced problems that really need a nifty GIS tool are not even touched though an intuitive solution is straightforward. Mapsol was founded to bridge this gap and create simple and efficient geospatial technologies for the end user. The founding principle of Mapsol is “generating mapping data may be complex but using maps and solving problems should not be”. Our mantra is to “demystify GIS and empower the end user”. Our unique and new offering fuse.Earth™ is a simple, affordable, one-stop, cloud-based mapping technology built on sound geospatial architecture designed to empower the end-user. Using fuse.Earth™, the end-user (decision-maker) can readily integrate and transform layers of geospatial data into meaningful information for quick and easy insight-driven decisions.

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