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Single Step Login: user your Gmail account.

Look up a location by way of typing coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) or a street addresses (Street, City Google format) into the GeobarTM  which is located on the top center of the window.

Change the base canvas to satellite imagery (or other) by going to the GeosoleTM in the bottom of the screen on the left menu, you will see framework option click on it a small panel will open with all the basemaps.

Click the geopad button on the GeotrayTM (bottom right corner of the screen) to activate the GeopadTM. The GeopadTM  is a tool to create and store site information.

Use marker tools at the right bottom corner of GeopadTM to create point, line, and polygon sites definitions as needed. In case of a polygon, bring the cursor back to the starting point to close the polygon.

For attribute information, add a site name, a short description, project name (number) and save (button at the bottom right corner) the site.

Author: Mapsol Admin