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Single Step Login: user your Gmail account.

Click the geopad button on the GeotrayTM (bottom right corner of the screen) to activate the GeopadTM. The GeopadTM  is a tool to create and store site information.

Observations and descriptors of a site, such as photos, videos, audios, short descriptions, elaborate notes, keyword tags, or documents (PDFs, Spreadsheets etc.) can all be added and stored as part of the project-site

Select photo toward the top left of GeopadTM and then click upload file button towards the right to add your photographs.

Select video (or document) button (left side) and click the add link button (right side) to add your content. Similarly add elaborate journal items (textual descriptions) about a site in the journal tab.

Type to edit project number or pick from the dropdown box, add other project details in the description window and click save (bottom right corner) to save the site with all content you just added or edited. Close the Site information by clicking the close button at the top right corner.

Author: Mapsol Admin